On 18th November, 2014, first united Baltic countries design exhibition was opened in Riga, in interior and delicatessen center „mc2“. In this unique exhibition more than 50 objects from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were presented. The majority of products exhibited (furniture, lamps, home textile) are awarded with national and international design prizes. On 11th December auction of exhibited items was held, high Riga society participated.

In exhibition Lithuania was represented by 8 production and design companies: “Contraforma”, “Sedes Regia”, EMKO, “Inscoco”, “Indi”, “Interjero elementai”, dizaineriai Gintautas Jonas Ačas ir Žilvinas Stankevičius. Exhibition was installed in three “houses”, in which while mixing different artwork five distinctive interiors were created.  Exposition author Audronė Drungilaitė offered an excellent platform for display which can be exhibited in public spaces and transformed according to the desired scenario.

Latvian industrial design is represented by RIIJA, KUKUU, FEIDI, “Sampling”, “CasaDiVanna”, “Feltstyle”, “Kampenuss Furniture”, “an&angel”, “MINT Light Living”, “Andersses Furniture”, Elīna Dobele, RIJADA, “mammalampa”, “LaLampa”, MĀJO, “Wood Design Factory”, “Lude”, “RIGA ChAIR” , etc.

Estonian design – by “Balteco”.

Lithuanian exhibition curator and idea author – Vytautas Gurevičius. Exhibition author – designer Audronė Drungilaitė.