Jaroslav Daveiko – designer, professor at Vilnius College of technologies and design, organizer of artistic activities, member of “VTDK hackLAB”. The main creative activities focused on the young artist-student. Nature of business: development of new and interactive products, design, art projects and workshops with students. Delivery and promotion of creative projects, design and cultural participation in various events and exhibitions.


Where did the inspiration to start your career come from? 

It was my secret dream since I was a student – to teach something that makes me happy. And when you do what you love – everything developes on its own.

What are the main components of creative process? What kind of materials are used to produce your work?

Young, creative, soon-to-be designers team + brainstorm + creative workshop = good result. Easily processed materials as well as recycled ones are used.

First design object made 

Coffee table that I still use at my home.

Favourite piece of furniture 

Comfortable lounge chair where you can relax after work day.


Life experience.

Main tool for work 

Brains and hands.

The most inspiring place to create

In bed at night or while being stuck in traffic jam.

The best sound background for creative process

Fun talks of students team while working on new projects.

How does your workday morning start?

By checking Facebook :)

The main message /motto, conveyed by your works 

Creativity encourages personal spirituality, improves the aesthetic taste, matures emotions and broadens horizons. The product – it is only the beginning.

Regards to Lithuanian Design Forum on their tenth anniversary

Continue developing your activities successfully.