Julija Janulaitytė is a fashion designer. She studied costume design at Vilnius Academy of Arts and in the Netherlands at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Music. Since 2008 she develops her own brand Julia Janus which serves as a fashion and lifestyle concept project. Male and female seasonal clothing, accessories and home decor items are offered under this brand.

The brand was started to confront the stereotypes of fashion design. Julia’s values ​​did not meet the standard fashion criteria, she wanted to create a modern design, adaptive to various customer’s body shape as well as specific brand values, speaking about the freedom of being yourself, the right to feel valuable despite your body size or age.

At this time the models are made of 10 female and 6 male sizes. Also, the choice of fabrics seeks to be as close as possible to the natural body’s skin plasticity, to create a special feeling of comfort. Julia Janus identity refers to a Baltic nature and pagan aesthetics. This results in discreet colors, laconic forms and décor.

More about Julia Janus.


What is the origin of your brand name? 

Julia Janus came from my name and abbreviation of my surname (Janulaityte – Janus). Janus is also a double-faced Roman Pantheon god responsible for the beginning and the end. Also, Janus, John – European name, which means -a man, He.

Where did the inspiration come from? 

Julia Janus was born out of a desire to create baltic, nature-inspired minimalist fashion identity, a unique lifestyle brand.

Some words about production process and materials. 

I create mostly from natural materials. I am unique because I try to combine fashion and humanity. To produce a very wide range of sizes in order to make people feel themselves and to be free from the constraints of your body.

First created design object and its fate.

My project on the first year at university called Severed Forms. This clothing collection won the first place at Latvian international avant-garde fashion festival. At the moment the collection is stored in the archives of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Favorite (but not yours!) design object.

Human body. Yves Saint Laurent dress by Piet Mondrian painting.


Japanese designer, thinker Yamamoto.

The main tool for work.

Computer, a pencil, a piece of paper.

The most inspiring acoustic backround for your workday.


How does your workday start?

Computer in bed, exercise, breakfast, computer on the table.

The main message you want to convey with your products.

The human shape is different. It is not evaluated because it is a creation of nature. Human life is very short. It must be pleasant. My objects are designed to lead to the enjoyment of life or to maintain it.