Rapolas Gražys – the product designer. High-class musical instruments brand LAVA creator. He graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and got specialty in industrial design. Had an internship at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. At the moment, continues Master studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2013 won a national design award “Good design” with moduline shelf “AUDŽIU”. Specializes in making furniture, electronic equipment, musical instruments, identity development.



Where the inspiration to start your design work was found? 

I‘m grateful that I was born in the artists family – had no choise. Inspiration followed all the time from childhood.

What are the main features of your work? 

From a certain environment, high-quality music, many sketches, numbers of accurate searches, models creation.

What materials do you use usually?

First – paper and pencil. Wood – very close material, especially for the final projects. Also glass or carbon fiber which I’m working with very intensively.

First design object made and its success today? 

Perhaps the modular shelf “AUDZIU” which has won “GOOD DESIGN” award and visited many exhibitions. Currently is being updated and waiting for production process.

Favorite piece of furniture

I think table. I spend a lot of time at the table while creating. Thats why it must be convenient and spacious.


A lot and at the same time no one. I don‘t like to be equal to others. I have my own unique style. I‘m trying to keep it.

However, I would to mention my grandparents Rimas Bičiūnas and Jūratė Stauskaitė.

Main tool for work

Discussion, paper and pencil.

The most inspiring place to create

A lot. Often its my own studio. I love to be surrounded by nature, it gives a different impulse for creation. I often change my workplaces.

The best sound background for creative process

Music is a part of my creation process. Sometimes I create music myself. I can‘t except one style, I like jazz, fusion, acoustic music and love various accords and tones.

How does your workday morning start? 

With a good vinyl and a cup of coffee.

The main message /motto, conveyed by your products 

I do not like “covers”, plagiarism or fashion trends. I would say that things must have their lasting value. I am trying to keep cleanliness and aesthetics in my works.

Regards to Lithuanian Design Forum on their tenth anniversary

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