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The young generation Lithuanian designer Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė presents her work under the name “CELSIUS 273”. The artist mainly explores the connections between architecture and the city, space as a process, with society and individual individuals. The main form of this author’s work is jewellery. As many as three concrete jewellery collections inspired by different architectural trends have been awarded National and International Design Awards.

The latest and latest collection, inspired by Eastern European apartment buildings, won the World Jewellery Design Awards 2020 (2nd place), and the collection was inspired by Kaunas interwar modernism, “Good Design” diploma in 2018.

The designer represents Lithuanian design abroad in personal and group exhibitions, is a member of LDF, a master’s student of design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. 2018 by order of Kaunas city, the artist created gifts for Pope Francis and his delegation.

Instagram: @ celsius273c
Instagram: @gerdaliu

Lithuanian artist Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė – “CELSIUS 273” concrete jewellery collection “BRUT_LIST | ODE TO THE EASTERN EUROPEAN BLOCKS”, which are home to the majority of the population of Eastern Europe. It is our home that shapes us more than we can imagine. Every window, every apartment, it is a separate world. When merge, they turn into a building, district, city, or, in this case, jewellery. Living in concrete blockhouses, we can feel isolated in our apartments, but we really live in a community – in buildings where a few centimetres between the walls separate us. This collection asks what our homes are and do we know them well? How similar or different we can be by living in the same square meters of concrete apartment buildings – from Vilnius to Riga, Tallinn, Moscow or Minsk?
This collection is a grotesque story about our homes and ourselves. About the loneliness in the crowd, the relentless, involuntary desire to belong, about the differences and our similarities. “BRUT_LIST ODE TO THE EASTERN EUROPEAN BLOCKS” seems to be creating a space where we choose to be, although we don’t always recognize that.

The collection echoes the motifs of apartment buildings that blend in apocalypse scenario with the person and changes us. An apartment building in Eastern Europe is an iconic symbol of modern life that can name our states, aspirations and fears and at the same time protect us from ourselves.


Concrete freedom pulsates in the feet.
5 square meters of silence –
Between monolithic walls.
We count our happiness
By one or two.[L.J1] And then we go hibernate ourselves.
We are brothers
In palms full of anxiety,
On white pillows
We settle with wounds.
Who will know
How grey smells like
In Moscow, Riga,
Minsk or Vilnius?
Dream the sky,
Monoliths will collapse.
We stay naked –
Both lonely and united.
Open the armoured door.
In the neighbours’ apartment
On the top floor
Hummingbirds are beating.
Between the apartment roofs
the wind is blowing towards the east.

Talk to me,
Although for thousands of miles
The dragonflies

I’ll hear.

I smell emptiness
Windows open
Let’s light the candles,
To make the home more comfortable.
Just a few centimetres to those – the others
Whom we pretend not to know.
So lonely among the people.
Just behind the wall.

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