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Take part in the 9th Design Week 

The traditional 9th design week will be held in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Telsiai on May 5th-11th, 2014. The main topic for this design week is “Design= Innovation” conceived to reveal the importance of design process and outcome in product creation and development. Above all, design is the survey of user needs, a research of ways to meet user needs and only then the choice of implementing measures or technologies which allow the idea to become a reality- a product. All events will help to highlight the true value of design- a precision, professional performance synthesis of insightful solutions and original ideas.

We would like to invite all stakeholders to present their latest creations, concepts and products through events, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, thematic exhibition installations on Design Week. The synergy created by all the activities and general promotional campaign provides an opportunity to introduce the latest and most interesting products. It creates a hope of concentrated interest in these exact products as well as creates an image of you as an innovative company.

Because of the annual state support for this project we can offer you reasonable conditions for participation. If you would like to become a part of Design Week and join our community, you have ideas or suggestions, please fill-in this questionnaireand we will contact you for further cooperation.

Please send the completed form to

Lithuanian Design Forum director
Vytautas Gurevicius


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