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IDDO slow living is a modern furniture and interior accessories brand. Close to Northern minimalism, it is well liked and appreciated among contemporary city residents, who value genuineness, quality and simplistic design.

IDDO’s philosophy is quite simple. We believe in lifestyle rituals, which are capable of making our everyday lives somewhat magical – be it spending time with our families at the dinner table, or snuggly reading a book next to a fireplace. IDDO’s goal – to make your living environment more harmonious and modern to live and create in.

IDDO’s aesthetics represent Northern vibes and minimalistic modernism, which fits into industrial city sites perfectly. Nevertheless the main inspiration behind IDDO comes from nature and its balance – this way the cold and urbanistic pieces of metal and concrete get warmed up by wood and cork.

We want to make the constructions of IDDO’s furniture as simple and clear as possible – we believe that less is more. Simplistic aesthetic, purified forms, natural and genuine fabrics, as well as design which complements and does not overshadow other interior details. These are the core ingredients that make IDDO’s brand attractive and adaptable in various contexts – city lofts and penthouse apartments, modern suburban houses, creative studios, innovative restaurants and luxurious hotels.

IDDO is proud to be an ambassador for slow living in our modern society. Slow, ritual-based lifestyle is becoming an aspiration and a virtue to modern people. Vivacious and true communication between people, spending time outdoors, enjoying our being and pressing “pause” while searching for authenticy and veritableness in every step we make – these are our sources of energy.

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