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Design Week

"Design Week" - is a traditional event organized to present new products, innovation and creative design solutions.
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Perestroika – 25 years!

Perestroika, which began in 1985, has not ended. In 1991 Soviet political system was dismantled. Perhaps this political project from the beginning was just an illusion, but those six years were very eventful. Information vacuum, maintained for decades, was destroyed, and opened up a number of topics.
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Pecha-kucha night

Pecha Kucha (jp. ペチャクチャ) is a specific delivery format, through which the contents are quickly and effectively presented to the audience.
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Furniture handle competition

43 authors presented over 100 works. After the initial selection of presented works Italian company „Pamar S.p.a.“ received 54 projects from 30 authors for final evaluation...
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