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In 1991 Soviet political system was dismantled. Yet Perestroika, a Kremlin initiative which began in 1985, has not ended. Even if this political project was just an illusion  from the beginning,  those six years destroyed the information vacuum and opened up a number of topics. Especially for poster artists.

file_226Poster art has become an important objective information resource presenting independent position, an alternative approach. Image of that time was formed by documentary material. The posters are printed by publishing houses, in periodicals, participated in exhibitions in different formats. Today this material helps to restore the realities of the time, go back to a number of questions, which quite surprisingly are still relevant today.

The exhibition presents  37 posters  of Belarusian and Lithuanian authors, created between 1985 and 1991.

A large quantity of visual material provides the opportunity for comparative analysis, visualization and decryption codes, meanings, artists skill assessment.

The project was supported by LitPro.

Concept: Dmitrij Surskij, Jegor Surskij
Curator: Jegor Surskij

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