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June 22nd Coffee Inn Roasters cafe became a meeting point for a bunch of designers – annual Lithuanian Design Forum members’ meeting took place in there.

During the meeting last year’s report was presented, as well as new opportunities for members’ collaboration were discussed. One of the main purpose of the meeting was to elect the new member board of Lithuanian design forum. According to participants votes, designer Nauris Kalinauskas and editor of magazine CENTRAS Vytautas Gurevičius continue their work in the board. One new boar member – EMKO projects manager Inga Markovska – joined the board. Moreover, the new board approved the term of office for LDF CEO Audronė Drungilaitė. Financial monitoring of the association was trusted to Aurimas Kundelis from SEDES REGIA.

Last but not least, official member certificates were handed to all the members of Lithuanian Design Forum.


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