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On 18th November, 2014, first united Baltic countries design exhibition was opened in Riga, in interior and delicatessen center „mc2“. In this unique exhibition more than 50 objects from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were presented. The majority of products exhibited (furniture, lamps, home textile) are awarded with national and international design prizes.

In exhibition Lithuania was represented by 8 production and design companies: “Contraforma”, “Sedes Regia”, EMKO, “Inscoco”, “Indi”, “Interjero elementai”, dizaineriai Gintautas Jonas Ačas ir Žilvinas Stankevičius. Exhibition was installed in three “houses”, in which while mixing different artwork five distinctive interiors were created.  Exposition author Audronė Drungilaitė offered an excellent platform for display which can be exhibited in public spaces and transformed according to the desired scenario.

Latvian industrial design is represented by RIIJA, KUKUU, FEIDI, “Sampling”, “CasaDiVanna”, “Feltstyle”, “Kampenuss Furniture”, “an&angel”, “MINT Light Living”, “Andersses Furniture”, Elīna Dobele, RIJADA, “mammalampa”, “LaLampa”, MĀJO, “Wood Design Factory”, “Lude”, “RIGA ChAIR” , etc.

Estonian design – by “Balteco”.

„The aim of the exhibition is to show Baltic countries design next to the most famous brands, that our visitors already know. I believe that our design already reached the level when it can be presented to audiences. It is important to give an opportunity to our clients to experience, compare and get some quality artwork. Big thanks to “Lithuanian Design Forum” for this great initiative and idea to hold this exhibition in our center, – says Arija Avota, director of “mc2” center.

“Beautiful and unique products developed by the local design industry go hand in hand with the best Latvian products in mutual project “Latvijas Labums”. Here you will find the best of Latvian food and other industries brands. It’s time for Latvian designers become our country’s reputation and exclusivity “- said Janis Endzinš, Latvian trade-industrial chamber board member,  social project” Latvijas Labums” initiator.

Lithuanian exhibition curator and idea author Vytautas Gurevičius said: “For a long time I had this idea to present Baltic countries design to our society, but of course, only enthusiasm is not enough – we had to find space for exhibitions, as well as participants or sponsors – put in a lot of hard work. All preparation for the exhibition took one year to finish, but finally we came up with a really nice result in a right place – in the center where the most exclusive customers come to look for unique furniture, lighting or decorative materials.”

December 11th 6 pm in “mc2” center special auction of exhibited items will be held. Participation of high Riga society is expected.

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