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May 4th, 2015 ceremony of “Good design” awards took place in Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Since 2012 contest “Good design” aims to discover and celebrate the best design in Lithuania – either production of companies, or artwork of designers. As usual, special prize is given to 12 products and 3 projects. Also, there are 15 diplomas – 12 for products and 3 for projects.  The winners are selected by international jury.

After the ceremony, all the winners’ works were exhibited in the Museum of Energy and Technology in Vilnius. Later some part of exhibition was presented in Šiauliai, in the design house wãpsva.

Contest is organized by association “Design forum”.

GOOD DESIGN prize winners: 

1. Vertigo jewellery collection

UAB Sekmadienio šokėjai
Designers: Ernesta Vala, Beatričė Vanagaitė

Two creators of different generations and experiences, two equal-length strings, a few pages of Eastern and Western culture, a piece of colorful material, a bit of religion. A long history of genetically inherited characters and endless line of thought. Precise laser strip.


2. Mana juice packagings

MB Sulčių fabrikas
Design: PRIM PRIM studio
Miglė Vasiliauskaitė, Kotryna Zilinskienė, Kristina Liaudanskaitė

MANA is premium category cold-pressed juice, that does not have an analog in Lithuania. Product targets and active and eager people who care for a healthy lifestyle in daily consumption. The main message instead of 25 minutes, one click invites to discover a ritual of drinking fresh juice for people who don‘t have time to juice themselves. The aim of packaging design is to stand out from shelves full of rustic juice packaging, which is most common in lithuanian product design. Clean, minimalist graphics remind pharmaceutical labels which emphasize product quality, positive effects on health and has a clear communication. Label indicates only key elements and necessary information of the product, nothing more and nothing less. Symbol of the logo replicates the geometry of letters and the drop icon with a straw symbolizes juice drink.


3. LOOK: #lithuanians home scent

Designer: Dovilė Džervutė

Packaging series for home scents LOOK: #lithuanians inspired by post-internet lithuanians generation. They travel a lot, emigrate, returning back. It’s like Lithuanian survival kit, homeland smell. The kit consists of white glass bottle (silk-screen printing), sprayer, diffuser sticks and a postcard that you can send to your friends, and where you can also found the story of a particular odor and its relationship with Lithuania. Series provides 12 different fragrances for each month.


4. ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1

Designers: Julius Bučelis, Ignas Rumbutis

2 in 1 The ACME DROP Screen cleaner is yet another smart solution from ACME designers. Like all Urban harmony products, the cleaner was created for urban people who live actively, value functionality and style. The key feature of this product is 2-in-1 function – the packaging is covered with a special cleaning cloth, so you have everything you need for clean screen in one place. Compact design and flat shape cleaner fits perfectly inside any pocket or even wallet. Despite its small size, it can clean 80 cell-phone screens. ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1 – always there. Features: 80 sprays Cleans 80 cell-phone screens 2-in-1 function Cleaning gel + cloth 75 x 75 mm Compact, flat shape cleaner easily fits in any pocket or wallet Eco-friendly Alcohol-free gel can be sprayed directly onto the screen – without any risk that the screen may be damaged Flexible construction This cleaner is being patented as the first cleaner with a flexible construction in the world – it helps to reach the dirt easier


5. Panevėžys table
Designer Rytis Zaveckas

Elegant dining wooden table is visually light, yeat strong and stable.


6. KTU visual style and studies’ brochures

Kaunas Technological University
Designer: Evelina Baniulytė

Creating new visual identity was a part of the University‘s renewal program. Design solution that was delicate, but outstanding, representing the university‘s image had to be chosen. To implement this idea bright pastel colours, light graphic elements were used. Stylised schematic details appearing unexpectedly illustrate that the style represents technological university. Stationary design includes: business card, A4 blank paper, paper case, A4 and A5 block notes, invitation design, envelope, paper bag, wrapping paper and a gift tag. Offset print on a decorative paper.


7. Cooker / Grill

Vilniaus Academy of Arts
Designer: Barbora Adamonytė

At present there is an abundance of typical, faceless, short-lived economy class grills/wood stoves in the market but there is a shortage of non-stereotypical wood stoves that would contain diverse solutions of function and form. My task was to design a compact portable grill/wood stove which would provide not only the functions of grilling and heating but would also contain a social aspect, i. e. beside the cooking option, the wood stove could function as an object radiating warmth, cosiness and inspire socialisation, while continuing the archaic tradition of fire altar. The threefold grill/wood stove is comprised of a fireclay base and a bonnet, also a stainless steel grate which has been designed using motives of Lithuanian distaff. Three use scenarios comprising grill/wood stove can be converted into a desired object depending on user needs: it can serve either as a wood stove, a grill with a grate or, when using a bonnet – a heat producing stove with a cooking and meal heating option.


 8. Cuckoo cradle

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Designer: Vilius Dringelis

The cradle for a newborn baby, inspired by the motif of branches and a bird nest, designed for a baby up to 3-4 months old until the child starts to move more actively. The cradle is easily and quickly assembled from a few parts: the supporting legs, the main stick, plugs ant cloth. For this reason the object is easily stored and other family members could use it in the future. The cradle’s main constructive stick can function as a hanger used to place easily and accessible children’s accessories and various baby essentials. The materials used are a hard wood – oak, strong metal connective parts, natural wool and cotton.


9. „Būk matomas“ (Be Visible) Collection

Designers: Milita Balčaitytė and Elzė Sakalinskaitė

Collection of clothes and accessories BE VISIBLE is representing individuality, philosophy and way of life of contemporary city person. Elements of collection: bright vest, jumpers, T-shirts, tubes, leggings, bags, caps, bracelets – freestyle clothing for man and women. All elements of collection are decorated with stylized maps of different cities of Lithuania, which are especially bright at night, because of their reflective function. This is the main idea of our collection. We use special refflective dyes for textile and screen-printing technology. It is a problem to find fashionable and functional clothing for city-cyclists, so this collection especially fits for them. RECOMENDATION: Especially recommended for night persons and bicycle lovers!


10. Gervė, Žvirblis, Sniegena rugs collection

UAB Pluošto linija
Designer: Agnė Kišonaitė

Collection of carpets with birds Crane, Sparrow, Bullfinch Collection of carpets with birds consists of three pieces: Crane, Sparrow and Bullfinch. All three were made according to artist’s Agne Kisonaite painted pictures of the same names. Design and color cards were also created by Agne Kisonaite. This collection is an exclusive Lithuanian product: Lithuanian birds are used on the grounds, handmade carpets are made from 100% Lithuanian linen, manufactured by Lithuanian company. Materials: carpet – 100% Lithuanian linen; carpet backing – 50% linen, 50% cotton. Technique: hand tufting. Dimensions and number of shades used: Crane 170 x 170 cm, 23 shades. Sparrow 215 x 170 cm, 29 shades Bullfinch 215 x 170 cm, 22 shades.


11. O-Light

Design: O. Gut design studio
Oksana Gut, Artūras Akstinas

O – Light fixture is unique in its aesthetics and architectural design Using elements such as phyto – design, we meant to convey interface between two different materials and light. The main use of the proposed homework rooms, offices, cafes, hotels and other public interiors. Materials: Stainless steel, cable, natural / artificial lawn, LED fluorescent tubes, This allows to keep in mind the natural light, as well as giving the interior freshness of aesthetics.


12. Maišytuvas „Ultima 50“

UAB Rubineta
Designer: Simona Gluškevičiūtė

The main advantages of this mixer is removable head and very flexible, pleasant to the touch and manage silicone hose. The optimal length of hose designed for easier way to wash the sink and fill the pot, avoiding unnecessary pot lifting from the stove. The faucet has a special head. You can use the standard flow of water or shower, which is especially convenient for washing vegetables. Head fixation stability is guaranteed by the special design of the holder. Also there is a magnet that attracts the head to the required position.


13. Ypsilon office furniture

UAB Gurda
Designer: Gediminas Juška

Modular office furniture system.


14. Lithuanian Vodka Gold. Diamond Edition

AB Stumbras
Design: Asta Kaušpėdaitė (Studija CREATA), and Jūratė Paulauskienė (AB Stumbras)

Expressing respect for traditions and rendering them in a modern manner, Lithuanian Vodka is continuing its series of limited edition vodka. This time as an inspiration served unique pieces of Lithuanian folk art – straw gardens. These diamond-shaped spatial compositions turned into a rhythm of intersecting lines. The play of light and reflections in the overlapping silver and white rhombi recreated an intangible spatial effect. Tradition of times past began to sparkle like a diamond.


15. The Sense Of Graphic Design book

Vilnius Design College
Designer: Marija Matiušova

Studying in details the needs of the blind or partially sighted people led to the creation of a tactile book. Such publications unite the blind and graphic designers. Being a graphic designer I create them, while the blind become strict critics of my works. The analysis of existing tactile books showed that similar books about graphic design created for the blind or partially sighted people have not been issued neither in LT nor abroad. Tactile books are usually created for children, therefore tactile books about graphic design become unique as they are published mainly for adults.


 Diplomų laimėtojai

1. Sucré packagings

UAB Biržų duona
Design: Edvardas Kavarskas

Sucré – is not a brand. This is something very personal, emotional and sincere. It is an area of a cosmopolitan woman. She is educated and confident; refined, but also not afraid to be flirtatious like the fashion world. Confectionery and fashion is the only weaknesses, which she allows to enjoy herself openly. It is not surprising that this experience of taste is accompanied by the slogan taste-à-porter the art of living tasty. And the axiom less is more has high standards in the world of pastry and is added in a sense less, but tastier. Over the past few years, small and colorful macaron cookies became popular in Lithuania. So we started telling the story of Sucré confectionery exactly from them. The collection of Sucré macarons consists of three lines of flavors. Classic flavors: champagne & brown sugar, pistachio with chopped nuts, sweet tonka beans. Fruit tastes: refreshing lemon, juicy strawberry & thyme, exotic passion fruit. Floral tastes: dizzy lavender, cool mint, sweet lilac. We started building packages using the case study and the searches of appropriate construction of macarons. Confectionery is mostly shared with friends or it must be considered as a gift. It is important that the process of unpacking turned into an adventure, to make part-used cookies convenient to store on the table, and the rest of the package to remain attractive. That is how we came up with the idea of a double packaging solution which looks like two-layered dresses. We have developed individual and associative the schedule of geometric shapes for three packaging lines corresponding to different lines of colors and flavors of macarons. This design was inspired mainly by the artists of suprematism and constructivism whose influence is felt in abstract art in later times, including – minimalism and especially the currents of contemporary fashion. Seeking the additional sensory experiences, special attention was paid to board which also has its effects of coloring and printing. White minimal packaging has a difficulty in achieving a pleasant touch and effect of visibly attractive uniform surface. In cooperation with the publishing house we discovered the possibility to cover the packaging in coarse texture hybrid lacquer. It was chosen on a bright Pantone colors for the graphic elements. Some graphic elements, which do not change, were additionally applied by a high-gloss, making the logo and the taste of the line prominent referring to the embossed circle. Finally, in order to strengthen the emotional connection with customers, we wrote a letter on behalf of the Sucré. We printed it on translucent paper and put into a box as a small feminine secret. Brand concept: Raimonda Kirpliukaitė & Edvardas Kavarskas Logo & package design: Edvardas Kavarskas Photography: Kernius Pauliukonis Postproduction: Robertas Gaudiešius www. packshot. lt


2. Alaus Biblioteka logo

UAB Šešiasdešimt
Design: McCann Vilnius. Tadas Kazakevičius, Justina Steponavičiūtė, Aurimas Kadzevičius

Alaus biblioteka (eng. beer library) was started by three friends who wanted to share their knowledge about beer. Possibility to try all existing beer styles in one place was never done in Lithuania. Concept for this kind of bar also was a reason to name bar after library. Logo for Alaus biblioteka had to change the perception that beer is so simple that we all know everything about it. So idea about pint, which looked just like book ready to open, appeared. New meaning behind every single sold pint occurred. Now it carried a story. Bar patrons where encouraged to discover those stories also by reading limited edition book describing all existing beer styles and illustrated stories how they where created. Guests are encouraged to take special bare table where they can easily stamp beers they tried and always knows which ones are waiting to be discovered.


3. The Basic jewellery collection

Design: Agnietė Preidytė

THE BASIC is brand based on basic geometrical forms. By questioning the frame of the object usage THE BASIC invites individuals to investigate relation between object and its essence. Through special stands for the jewellery THE BASIC wants to encourage owner to treat the jewellery as a nice artefact in their own surrounding.


4. Tiksi clock

Design: INDI. Simonas Tarvydas

Clock Tiksi represents the essence of minimalistic design. Pure form, raw, concrete like texture, neat clockwise and the unique material, are the main features that make this clock different from the other ones. Creative studio INDI developed special technology. Using recycled paper we created new, sustainable and solid texture that looks like concrete, but is light and practical. The dimensions are 50x50x6 cm. The quartz movement is installed inside.


5. National costume designs – inspired fabrics

Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre
Design: Ieva Ševiakovaitė, Jolanta Rimkutė (LT-identity) and Augustinas Paukštė

Patterns inspired by national costume – Sudovian lilies. Samogitian stripes. Dzukian chequers. Aukshtaitian chequering. Unique patterns were created while exploring and interpreting cultural heritage of different ethnographic regions of Lithuania. Using modern technology (digital sublimation printing) the patterns were transferred onto fabric, and 15 models that combine traditional national costumes and modern fashion trends were created for the collection of Ieva Ševiakovaitė and Jolanta Rimkutė in 2014. Combining these unique fabric patterns with modern apparel silhouette designers made a collection that introduces us to the uniqueness of the ethnographic regions of Lithuania – vivid and unexpected color combinations, patterns, symbolic ornaments and clean design that makes these clothes comfortable and suitable for daily wear (leggings, shorts, raincoats, jackets, dresses, jumpers). The well known brand LT identity is developed under the creative direction of Ieva Ševiakovaitė and Jolanta Rimkutė. The designers are analyzing the experience of Lithuanian people and are looking for the new symbols and signs of modern identity. At the same time their works provide a creative interpretation and atempt to develop a more positive self-perspective for Lithuanians. While interpreting the national costume, designers Ieva Ševiakovaitė and Jolanta Rimkutė stayed faithful to the concept of LT identity, where subtle signs, color combinations, graphic elements and ornaments with symbolic traditional meaning reveal ethnic Lithuanian identity. Design: Ieva Ševiakovaitė and Jolanta Rimkutė Graphic design: Augustinas Paukštė Composition: 90% polyester, 10% elastane and 100% polyester.


6. Kėdė „Naivi“

diz. etc.etc.

It seems, Naive chair could be drawn by a child – six sticks and one seat, but that’s all it takes. The chair is stripped to the minimum: a carved solid ash seat and six legs of equal length to screw; but done with accuracy, each and single detail were carefully studied: the length and angles of the legs are set to get the best proportions for look and comfort. Naive can be flat-packed into a small box and it takes only a minute to assemble it together or disassemble apart. Furthermore, easily interchangeable parts enable the owner to alter the chair’s colour from a classical solid wood to a playful mix of shades.


7. Šviestuvas „Trauka“ 

Vilniaus dailės akademija
diz. Kotryna Butautytė

This minimalist lamp is made of two simple separate parts: the magnetic base and a luminous steel stick. you can customize direction of the light by attaching the stick to the base in various positions, this gives high versatility to the lamp, and possibility to create different atmosphere in your room. using the same base, more sticks can be attached, it’s user’s choice. The title: trauka (n. ) an act of tractive powers. The adhesive friction of a body on some surface.


8. Teapot „Arba“

Vilniaus dailės akademija, Telšių fakultetas

diz. Kristina Klenauskaitė

A source of inspiration for teapot – tree trunk. Modern design teapot enables to see water turning into tea. Traditionally this material is used for house heating it keeps its function – heating. Stylized tracery on teapot body repeats wood bark. This design object is not only functional but also could be classified as emotional design object.


9. Tea drink with herbs

Design: Smiltė Bagdžiūnė, Elvita Brazdylytė

The presented item is an original interpretation of tea. Organic herbs – peppermint, thyme and camomile – are covered with sugar in the wooden spoon. Pour hot water and enjoy a flavorful cup of tea. All ingredients are natural.


10. Narvesen food packagings

UAB Reitan Convenience Lithuania
Design: McCann Vilnius. Džiugas Valančauskas

NARVESEN is convenience store chain in Lithuania with stores in major cities and popular pedestrian areas. It‘s a new brand in Lithuanian market with quality take away foods and drinks. But due to fast expansion company lacked budget to communicate it. Solution: Unique product packaging which would also work as a communication tool, introducing new brand to unconcerned consumers. Idea: We called our concept I‘m Not a Package. We used bold colors and fonts as well as colorful icons on them. Copy on all the packages there telling relevant stories and bringing different meaning to product and package. For example, on a cup off coffee we wrote I‘m Not a Cup. I‘m mittens for cold day. Results: In target group research (urban youth, 21-26 yo) packaging was well received and likeness to buy products was higher than competitors Coffee Inn or Statoil.


11. Spalvos (‘Colours’) textile collection
Design: Inga Diržininkienė

100 percent linen dyed towels/mats for the beach.


12. Workaholic desk

UAB Boleros
Design: Mindaugas Žilionis

Table WORKAHOLIC designed to find the optimal and universal desk solution. Made of moisture-resistant laminated birch plywood. The table has an easy and reliable design. An unique joints enables quick and simple assembling. Functional benefits: • Solution of cable problem using additional shelf and the cuts on worktop; • Spacious drawer with dividers; • Additional shelves underneath the worktop; • Additional accessories-pencil trays easily attached on table sides. Color options (in all cases tabletop and drawers of white plywood): 1. Black supports; 2. White supports; 3. Supports with oak veneer surface. Assembled desk dimensions 1200x600x760h. All the details are disassembled and packed for the transportation. Package dimensions 1230x630x200h. Weight brutto 25kg.


13. Šiltukai

diz. Milita Balčaitytė ir Elzė Sakalinskaitė

The main idea – to renew old fashion, rubber cosy. It can be not only functional but also colourful and stylish interior detail. So we decided to make fashionable and woolen case for it. Due to 100 % woolen case, cosies are nice to feel near yor body and also keep heat longer. You just need to fill it with hot water. Casies are decorated with natural leather and metal details, so you can easily hang it. Cosy can become a perfect interior accessory.


14. Project „Go To Lithuania“

diz. Matas Zaloga

The idea behind the project Go To Lithuania was born in 2013. At this time I was living abroad and studying animation in the UK. On some occasions locals used to ask me where are you originally from? When I told them I was from Lithuania, the majority did not even know where Lithuania was. As a result, I decided to do a piece of research to see how Lithuania was being represented online. The results were slightly disappointing because I have found that there were only a few websites and they all shared the same information, It was all quite fragmented. Therefore, I have decided to create a project that would be better than the ones before it. The project’s main function is to be interesting to foreigners who would like to discover Lithuania. In May 2014 Go To Lithuania came to a daylight. It is currently a non-profit creative initiative enabling foreigners to get an aesthetic and yet constructive info about visiting Lithuania. Go To Lithuania’s main feature and communication tool is its infographic. Instead of creating long lists of important dates and links to different websites, or creating various charts I have decided to use illustration. The reason for this is because the majority of people consume information visually by looking at things. Illustration is easier to memorize and infographic is a perfect modern-day communication tool, which can be used digitally as well as it can be printed and get a physical body. The project Go To Lithuania is also special because of its unique goal – to become a unified marketing tool that connects all areas of Lithuanian tourism with its consistently up-to-date modern infographic at its core. One of the main attributes of Go To Lithuania project is its website tolithuania. com. This enables to pursue the main goal of this project, which is to become a foreign tourist’s digital guide to Lithuania. The fact that the project is interesting to people from abroad has been proved by various foreign bloggers and design related websites. Their feedback is that the project is attractive as it has a unified style. Therefore, it makes the project easier to remember and to be recognised. The united style throughout the project enables the use of its contents in different mediums such as animation, editorial & periodicals, print on clothing. Moreover, the separate parts & details of this project are easy to recognise and can be further used in producing souvenirs. Go To Lithuania’s main function with the help of modern information technology is to encourage people from abroad to be interested in discovering Lithuania.


15.  Lamp „Tano“ 

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Designer Lukas Avėnas

Telescopic principle allows user to change intensity and direction of the light as well as the shape of the lamp itself. Ability to change the intensity of the light is useful when user changes activities, for example: user is drawing or reading and then decides to work on a computer – thus requiring less direct light. One can also create an ambient lighting by changing lights direction and pointing it to the wall or ceiling. The lamp uses very simple principles and consists of simple shapes, which allows it to melt into most interiors as well as be easily produced.



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