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Lithuanian design prize “Geras Dizainas” (Good design) was initiated by Lithuanian Design Forum in order to show seemingly obvious difference between good design and bad design (or it’s absence), to celebrate the creators of good design and the businesses able to harness it’s potential. “Geras Dizainas” is awarded each year to the 12 best design objects and 3 projects. Additionally, 15 diplomas are awarded – 12 for objects and 3 for projects.

By tradition, the Award ceremony is staged during the DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA festival in Vilnius. This year the ceremony took place in Vilnius Town Hall. The contest was celebrating its 5th anniversary. All the winners were selected by international jury: Anna Whicher (UK), Barbara Predan (SI), PeiChin Tay (UK), Christina Melander (DK), Ian Lynam (JP), Stephan Ott (DE), Daniella Koós(HU), Peter Bankov (CZ), Robert Mascher (HU), Hans Maier-Aichen (DE).

Winners of GOOD DESIGN prizes:

Lamp LUITAS (designer: Simonas Tarvydas, studio INDI)

Lampshade that looks like hewed stone helps to break the sound in the room and creates cosy atmosphere in the dinning or lounge area. Material: sustainable recycled paper.

Lounge chair CUMULUS (designer: Kazuko Okamoto, furniture manufacturer: Sedes Regia)

CUMULUS is a flexible system of upholstered furniture for offices and public spaces. Customers can choose among three different heights of backrests according to their demand of privacy level. When sitting on a lounge chair with a low one-tier backrest you can remain an active participant in the surrounding space, while high three-tier backrest allows you to avoid interference. Convex backrests and an optional table enables you to create a convenient space for work or leisure. A swivel table is easily attached to the feet frame with two bolts. One-seater lounge chair can have the table attached to the left or the right side, and two-seater sofa can have the table attached in the middle. You can combine two color upholstery fabrics for Cumulus furniture. Lounge chairs and sofas with backrest panels on one side only are aimed for grouping together to create cozy and convenient relaxation or waiting zones. Models with two armrest panels are convenient for meeting zones. Grouped together Cumulus furniture can serve as an elegant and functional solution for directing people flow in public spaces.

Toy shop interior and visual solution (designers: Julija Mazūrienė and Asta Žegunė)

Children City – is a toy box size of a city for children. It is comfortably located in the Old Town of Vilnius and is full of excitement! The whole toy shop is managed by the mayor, which is a two-meter balloon decorated with a big smile and thrust between the walls in the interior. The interior and visual solutions were inspired by cozy playfulness. The shop is conveniently adapted to the height of children, toys are carefully selected from around the world and displayed so that they can be tried by everyone here and now. Timber frame houses, simple design, warm and comfortable materials are combined with the accentual colors. Packaging and other graphic elements combine and complement the overall interior environment. The main visual stylistic element is a handwritten font. Thus, the city-sized toy box has not only its own mayor but also its own alphabet.

Hand made knitted hat HELLO! MOON (designers: Viltė Martusevičienė and Aušra Kačinskaitė)

HELLO! MOON hand made knitted hat with reflective Pom Pom reveal their mystery at twilight – it reflects the light in the dark! The reflective Pom Pom is full with light reflecting threads, so every time it catches the light in the dark – it shines! In daytime the reflective function can be summoned by taking the picture in flash mode. The hat was inspired by the designer’s long lasting admiration for the Moon and Moonlight.

Raincoat THE SHADOW (designer: Kenduandu)

Raincoat “The shadow” is created for a modern urban person who likes active and stylish lifestyle. This raincoat is unique not only due to its original design, but also due to its creation technique. The raincoat is made of diffuse double polyester. The fabric breathes and pushes away all rain drops. This allows everyone who wears it feel comfortable under any weather conditions. This raincoat is perfect to both women and men.


Light table MONAI (designer: Neringa Orlenok)

MONAI is an exceptional light table boosting your productivity, improving your mood, and empowering your imagination. Our new light table with the circadian lighting technology helps to balance biological clock and feel better. It keeps you awake and active in the first part of a day and helps you to get asleep in the evening.

Linen napkin set “Traditional lunch” (designer: Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė)

The “Traditional Lunch” linen napkin set is a whimsical collection of textile table decor for your restaurant or home . Even if you”re waiting for the dish of your choice to arrive at a restaurant, you won”t feel like you”re seated at an empty table. And the realistic images of food will stimulate your imagination and whet your appetite. This textile design project is the product of a collaboration with Nord DECO UAB/Made in Lithuania.

Coloring t-shirt MOMMY SAID YES (designer: Indrė Svirplytė)

Coloring t-shirt lie behind the brand name “Mommy said yes”. How does it work? You choose favorite illustration and get high-quality t-shirt with original artwork by Indre Svirplyte and textile markers for coloring. People (especially recommended for grown-ups) can use it as canvas to relax and color. Usually we are not allowed to paint on fabric, this is why we are saying that mom said it”s fine to do it. Also, we believe coloring t-shirt have positive impact on our client as it helps to calm the nerves and express creativity. It is really great that both “Mommy said yes” and the clients are crucial in the creative process – although print is based on Indre’s fantasy, the final result depends only upon those who purchase it.

ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker with one knob control (designer: Julius Bučelis)

Don’t get lost in the city noise, play your own melody with ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control. This speaker as all Urban harmony products features both convenient design and innovative decisions. First, it has super easy control with only one button: press once – music starts to play; press again – stops; turn around – regulate the sound; etc. Moreover, Bluetooth connection allows easy wireless pairing with enabled devices and thanks to an audio output works as Bluetooth receiver – upgrades current wired speakers to wireless ones. Plus, the speaker is portable, lightweight; has a special knotted rope for attachment. Battery lasts very long – up to 8 hours. And even though you enjoy living in a busy city, everyone needs a break from time to time to maintain the balance of life. In such a case it has a function too – is splash-proof for a walks in the rain to restore the harmony… The ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control – hang it upside down!

ESO company brand (designer: Tadas Kazakevičius)

ESO is a stated owned gas and electricity company. Also it”s one of the biggest companies in Lithuania. Company re-brand was made at the end of 2015. New brand brought user friendly elements to otherwise quite boring and unfriendly service. Also stated owned companies are usually shy of more interesting design so it made ESO one of the most recognised and liked state companies.

The Big Lithuanian Wellness Test (designers: Margarita Bukšnaitytė, Ugnė Akstinaitė)

The Big Lithuanian Wellness Test ( is a unique project developed for biggest pharmacy chain in Lithuania “Eurovaistine”. Interactive test became viral (over 100 000 unique full tests) and helped consumers in a playful way to find their weaknesses and gave personalised tips, how to feel better everyday. Responsive website involved playful animation and fun graphics making a serious test a bit less frightening.

Baby stroller “AIR SHIELD” (designer: Dominykas Budinas)

The “Air Shield” is a baby stroller that creates a pure and clean micro climate. To achieve results only the ventilator, air filter and a closed space is needed. Air is purified and baby gets to breath healthy. The glass, in this case works as a shield. It protects the safe environment from polluted air, UV rays. Parents don’t have to open a shield to communicate with their child- there would be a speaker with a microphone installed.

Portable cassette player “ELBOW” (designers: Andrius Žemaitis and Marius Paulikas)

ELBOW is a portable cassette player reduced to the core. In XXI century, the rise of cheap and convenient digital media has made all physical formats “outdated”. Still, the tactile intimacy of physical formats is dearly missed. That’s the reason behind the resurgence of vinyl, and also motivation behind ELBOW. The audio cassette is not just a medium – it’s a cultural icon. Therefore we feel it should not be obscured inside a device, but brought to the forefront of user’s attention. By exposing the cassette to the elements, ELBOW offers a fresh user experience, allowing the listener to directly appreciate the mechanical motion, or even forcibly interrupt playback. A typical cassette player uses a capstan and a pinch roller to drag the tape along the magnetic head at a constant speed, with additional pulleys rotating the cassette reels to manage the tape. In ELBOW, a single pulley is used to drive the tape. To maintain constant playback rate, tape speed is tracked with sensor and used to continuously adjust motor voltage. ELBOW’s most prominent feature is the bi-axial arm. It rotates in two directions – upward motion enables the insertion of a cassette, while sideways motion allows to manually switch the playing direction. Playback is controlled by a single wheel – turning left from the initial position activates the motor and increases volume, turning in the opposite direction fast-forwards the cassette. The device has two connections: a standard 3.5mm audio plug, and a mini-USB port for charging and transferring audio to a computer. Also, an additional small push-pin can be used to attach player to clothes and other objects.

Preventive educable game “ALOIZAS” for the people of Alzheimer’s disease (designer: Karolina Vaikšnytė)

Aloizas (name originated from scientist Alois Alzheimer) – is a preventive educable game, which helps to exercise motor and mental skills, focus attention and stave off the illness which is progressing very fast. This educable game is balanced precisely for people who have Alzheimer”s disease. Graphic elements, package and also conception of the game are created after research of target audience, its needs and abilities. The game is designed for the people who have easy or advanced stage of Alzheimer”s disease. The game consisting of text, colours, shapes and spatial cognition tasks, which have easy and difficult levels. There is a navigation system, which main elements are blue and green colours, because of them it is possible to separate the difficulty of the task. Each player can choose tasks according to their capabilities and needs. A „clock test“ will help to choose a difficulty level. The main goal of the game – to give a motivation for patients and make them to desire exercise their mental activity with preventive measures. Currently patients are using preventive measures, which are designed for elementary school students, but this disturbs patients, because they don‘t want to do tasks which are created for children. For this reason the design of the game and the conception of tasks is fitted for older age audience.

GOOD DESIGN diploma winners:

Conceptual clothing line 2RU2RA (designers: Miglė Janušaitė, Olga Filatova Kontrimienė, Airida Skrickienė)

Conceptual clothing line inspired by anatomy, surrealism and mechanics. We treat clothing as an empty sheet to draw our ideas on. Drawing is a key that makes us recognisable.

Jewellery CULT (designer: Dalius Ilginis)

CULT focuses on beauty of minimal shape and contrast of rough texture. This conflict creates fresh jewellery look, the statement of elegance and quality.

New design and logo for natural cosmetics “You & Oil” (designers: Valerija Žilėnienė, Algirdas Orantas, Irmantas Savulionis)

New design and logo for natural cosmetics “You & Oil”, created after brand strategy proposed by “Black Swan Brands”. All products divided into colored lines depending on their effect. Redesigned logo. Lab-style numbering. Color gradients symbolize the effect of oil on skin. Special smooth paper surface to convey the feeling of healthy skin.

Packaging of “Smells Like Spells” (designers: Edvardas Kavarskas and Gintarė Ribikauskaitė)

Smells Like Spells production is a harmonized combination of natural fibre, ecology and a drop of esoteric know how. Each product is hand made, followed by original recipes, synchronized of both – traditional folk wisdom and experience, also modern perfumery, candle and incense craft methodology. We discover the tender distance between daily usage of unique products and the touch of magic in our life. A kind of charming exclusive game that brings a piece of secret to our routine. The essence of Smells Like Spells packaging is to keep all products opened, vital and transparent. Role designed calls to assist not to persist. The second Smells Like Spells is taken, you appear in a pleasant unpacking adventure. We contribute towards the luxury of less – subtle and elegant. This is the reason why material and ingredients chosen are natural and laconic, followed by design which first brings that delight sense of touching.

OHO! sweet corn packaging (designer: VRS WPI Vilnius)

The Target audience that this sweet OHO! corn packaging is directed to – children. These packages have the opportunity of secondary use as it offers a possibility to cut out the playing field and the players, also each of these packages has a different game option. Selected design solutions made these ecological packages interactive and more attractive for children. For three different tastes to identify, we used different, warm colors and illustrations of characters.

“Linen Tales” identity (designer: Dovydas Stonkus) 

“Linen Tales” is a boutique linen manufacturer offering linen household items. Our task was to present “Linen Tales” as a brand that’s sophisticated and loyal to the traditions of linen but modern and open to new contemporary designs at the same time. A unique “Linen Tales” type was created to be used along the whole design identity. This helped create a good-old linen brand identity and reflect their slogan: “Linen tales are infinite. Find yours.”.

PET bottle blowing machine “LITO-6” (designers: Saulius Jarašius and Andrius Žemaitis)

“LITO 6” is UAB “TEREKAS” “Lito” family product, good combination of functional design and technological innovation. “LITO 6” – a new production line is made by a new design project. The product is a high production capacity, has a new robotic unit as internal. External dimensions different and larger than “LITO 4” production line. “LITO 6” external casing is divided into three main segments. Different case modulation allows you to change the basic installation, making the machine easy to integrate into smaller industrial spaces. Design is ergonomically adapted to the machine”s internal devices scheme. Clear and safe transparent glass help to user track, monitor and analyze production processes. Transforming wall of the case allows easy access to all the necessary internal machine components. Front parts of the case opens to the sides, so the user can easily change mold part. Innovative design solutions increased “LITO 6” sales of UAB “TEREKAS” production.

Interactive mindful agendas nOEMA PAPER HOUSE (designers: Aistė Stragytė ir Žydra Pintverytė)

nOEMA PAPER HOUSE was built to inspire people to live life with a happy attitude & create balance within it. We endeavor to bring more joy, inner peace & love into people’s life with their own passion, inspiration & excitement for whatever comes. All our products are proudly made with incredible care & attention at every stage of their journey. It reflects our love of typography, stationery curiosities & aims to deliver individual designs.nOEMA PAPER HOUSE introduces interactive mindful agendas. Created with mindfulness experts our agenda books were designed to practice self-development, positivity & happiness in people’s daily planning.Agenda has 12-month open-dated format, which will work for any year. We changed month numbers to self-development months. The book has 3 in 1 function – it can be a daily planner for the work, self-assessment book or a dairy/notebook. Every month – new idea to follow. User will start from “Love Yourself” month; because psychologists had proven that people must learn to love their selves more before they can start their positive development & year planning. After this month user will continue his/her work journey with finding yourself, no stress month, dreaming big, expressing yourself, etc. & will end his/her year with the inner peace month. Every day nOEMA agenda interact with user – depending on the month & its idea user will find daily questions, guides, reminders or quotes to help his/her to become a happier & more positive person. Also, famous people from different Europe countries collaborated with us to give user an inspiration before every month.


Linen carpet “LIETUVA” (designers: Justė Pavasarytė ir Francesco Costacurta)

Designers team WHYNOT! created linen carpet “LIETUVA” inspired by Lithuanian identity – its ancient traditions, colours, clothing, and the handicraft. One of the unique Lithuanian craft elements is colourful woven stripe once used in the national costumes. Different yarns are crossing together and creating geometric patterns, stylized flowers ending in elegant colours combinations. In the carpet these artistic signs are used next to the contemporary modern linen craftwork, altogether bringing the touch of Lithuanian soul. “LIETUVA” is available in different colours which defines Lithuanian nature: blue of the lakes and frost; light grey reflecting the sky; green of its woods contrasting with wild sand dunes. This is Lithuania portrayed in the carpet “LIETUVA”.

La Naya chocolate packaging (designer: Gabija Platūkytė)

Put the chocolate bars together in a line – you will see an artwork reflecting everyday processes and mood of La Naya. People are working in fields, children playing around, ladies bringing harvest. Cut into 5 pieces – you will see 5 different compositions for each flavour. They have balance and look excellent both ways – in the whole artwork as well in small compositions. Moreover, selected colours complement the concept, taste and mood. Packaging is made out of one piece of paper and only few gluing parts. It is suitable for fast and comfortable packing. What is more, special chocolate bar was created to convey and supplement the concept. Main inspiration – mountains, surrounding La Naya village.

Lollypop SPORTAS (dizaineriai: Elvita Brazdylytė, Smiltė Bagdžiūnė)

The developer of lollypop eating skills.

Notebook BRIGHT IDEAS DARK THOUGHTS (designers: Laura Varžgalytė and BLACK SWAN BRANDS)

It’s a notebook for bright ideas (12 months on white pages) and dark thoughts (the 13th month on black pages). The legend tells that a year really has 13 months, and this is a deeply hidden secret. That 13th month contains our darkest thoughts and wishes. The notebook consists of 192 white and 32 black pages, divided into thirteen months. Light pages are lined with a month number printed on the top corner. Black pages are plain. The notebook has a fabric hardback cover with a matt imprint of the title. The story is printed inside the notebook. Book size: 13 x 19 cm. The notebook is sold not only in Lithuania, but is also successfully exported to the UK, Spain, Estonia and Latvia.

Bags and clutches “Happy bag” (designers: Gintarė Ribikauskaitė, Ingrida Kirkliauskaitė)

Main “Happy Bag’s” feature is its bold attitude towards everyday life. Bags and clutches are made of transparent PVC plastic, which allows all of its content to be seen by people surrounding you. Bags are made for everyday use – the size is convenient, black handles allow you to carry even the heaviest things. Clutches are from the same plastic as bags, but the size is much smaller – great way to keep your smallest things. Bags and clutches are decorated with a note: “BUY EXPERIENCES INSTEAD OF THINGS”. That is our slogan which is spreading our message about increasing love to material things and which also reminds us that things are not as important as an experience, which is priceless. “Happy Bag” not only produces great accessories but also communicates in a unusual way. “Happy Bag” production’s main feature is transparency. Minimalistic design, monochromatic colours and simple materials are not drowning user’s character. All the contents of bags and clutches is being seen all the time. In this way user becomes a creator: everyday things are in different positions, making new compositions all together reflecting mood and personality of the owner. Bags and clutches are made of sewable plastic which don’t change the original form. Main accent of bags and clutches is the slogan “BUY EXPERIENCES INSTEAD OF THINGS”. Clean typography of white large letters is like a stamp for all the things inside, reminding people that the most important thing is being happy and not being afraid to share it with other people around you!

Project “Klaipėda tram” (designer: Andrej Divejev)

The idea of a tram originates in seeing its essence in a balance between vehicle and a solid, architectural, element of urban environment. Therefore its shape and aesthetics are dictated more by contemporary minimalistic architectural solutions, than a flowing shapes of modern cars. Design The design layout of the vehicle is based upon Škoda 15T model and keeps all of it’s characteristics with only minor changes applied to the interior of it’s middle body section. The choice of the chassis was dictated by the arrangement of boggies, which are located on the junctions between sections, allowing to free the complete interior space for a benefitial use.

Decorative bowls and plates “GIRIA” (designer: Evelina Kudabaitė)

Everyday objects are used, seen, touched. Tactility and expressive qualities of materials have important communicative value, so the design process requires for intense research on textures. “GIRIA” – a collection of decorative bowls and plates balancing between tactility, shape and color. The project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through the dishes, to establish a connection between the user and the object. This process is an allusion into the urban person`s connection with the nature. Tree dishes are the result of an experimental process by which I wanted to show how materials, which are destined to become waste – tree bark and leaves – can be transformed into sustainable design through the traditional crafts. The transformation process is the rebirth of a tree into new objects – dishes. It is a research on the alternative and unconventional ways to shape wood, which reminds of the culinary process. During the research a recipe that consists of harmless organic substances has been found.

A special prize established by news website “15min” was awarded to designer Jorūnas Šikšna and his furniture set NEXT. Furniture set construction is made of the solid metal square (10×10 mm). Wooden parts are made of maple wood. Dressing table has a drawer, which slide rails are made of wood. Seat design shapes and dimensions are adapted to the dressing table. Luminary top is removable and attached with magnet. Lighting is wireless. Furniture is minimalist, ergonomic.

More information about the contest:


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