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The European Commission is currently inviting everyone to information sessions about “New European Bauhaus initiative“, officially announced month of January this year. The session for representatives of architecture, design and art – February 24, 12 noon. (Lithuanian time). We invite you to share information widely with colleagues.

Additional sessions are already planned for other sectors and stakeholders. You can find them below:

February 15 (12: 00-12:50) – Regions, cities and local administrations;

February 16 (12: 00-12:50) – Open meeting for all;

February 22 (12: 00-12:50) – Research community;

February 23 (12: 00-12:50) – Youth sector and universities;

February 24 (12: 00-12:50) – Cultural sector (architects, designers, artists);

February 16 (12: 00-12:50) – Business sector.

The European Commission is also inviting the New European Bauhaus website to come up with ideas on what this initiative could look like or what sustainable living could look like, and on concrete examples that already exist to reflect the values ​​of this initiative. This can be done until March 30.

More about the New European Bauhaus initiative can be found here: |

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