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Beijing Design Week has been organized since 2009 as an active public platform that brings together creative design, foreign architectural trends, sustainable development and community ideas. Last year, in 2020, Lithuania took part in this design week – one of the most interesting and largest design events in Asia, which was represented with Dalius Ilginis’ jewelry collection “Anxiety”.

Jewelry designer Dalius Ilginis creates design objects by constructing them from different experiences and approaches to them and seeks to raise awkward questions and provoke a dialogue with the viewer. The creator is interested in socio-cultural themes, and the stories of his creative objects invite him to fellowship with the observer: to deepen and understand the feelings of modern man and the naturalness of life’s imperfections.

“For this Beijing Design Week, a rather closed competition was announced, during which the commission selected my works and from 2020 onwards in January, they traveled around China, visiting several events and cities. It is important that this collection of “Anxiety” participated in Beijing Design Week as the only visual design material representing Lithuania. It is very gratifying that we were noticed near the creators of all other countries of the world, and we got the opportunity together with other artists of artistic jewelry from all over the world to be able to tell stories about life in the verbal category of this design category,” says D. Ilginis.

This collection of D. Ilginis jewelry – “Anxiety” – talks about the fact that modern man can control complex technical processes (create robots and organize the launch of a space satellite), but the organization and management of his internal tragedies has become a real challenge in everyday life. “I am in this state. Friendship with anxiety is part of my identity. With these works, I sought to give the feeling of anxiety a physical form and visualize it. It’s hard to control this type of monster, so it seemed more optimal and logical to turn it into a friend.”

According to D. Ilginis himself, he “is or has been obsessed with various fears and sometimes unfounded anxiety. In this collection, as in life, anxiety is extremely fragile, but with its sharp corners injuring and leaving deep wounds. It takes time to tame the darkness, and only then can it be seen and felt. Then the monster can turn into your best friend. ”

At the end of 2020, this collection created by the artist was also noticed by the Lithuanian National Museum of Art. The latter purchased a ring and earrings from this collection and thus included them in its collection. The works of Dalius Ilginis’ jewelry collection “Anxiety” will be exhibited in the permanent exposition of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Palanga Amber Museum.

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