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Lithuanian Design Forum Joint Exposition

“Visitors to the joint stand of the Lithuanian Design Forum at Resta / Furniture and Design Solutions ’22 had the opportunity to see the expositions of fourteen companies and developers. We will not tell you about the high production standards and carefully selected natural materials characteristic of all exhibitors. Each product is characterised by durability and longevity. These qualities are ensured by the quality of the materials, the ingenuity of the designers and the consistency and care of the manufacturers. Visitors to the exhibition were able to see unique products from Lithuanian manufacturers and designers. For those who did not have a chance to visit the exhibition, we invite you to read a little more about Lithuanian designers.

Inspired by nature, Namuos, a manufacturer of interior fittings, creates subtle design objects. The company’s entire range is made in Lithuania from oak, ash and birch wood. The aesthetically pleasing pieces are embellished with wool, metal and leather details. “The materials used in Namuos help to create a homely feel and reduce the environmental impact of production, so leftovers are recycled, used for customer gifts or donated to design schools and jewellery manufacturers.

This time, alongside its well-known products, the company presented a bespoke solid wood wall clock with brass beams, designed by Italian designer Claudio di Palma.

“IDDO slow living is a brand of modern interior design with a Nordic minimalist approach. The manufacturer, which values naturalness, quality and laconic design, creates metal and concrete products in natural wood, cork, linen and wool. The company collaborates with authentic and innovative Lithuanian designers and local artisans – textile, ceramics and weaving – to continuously introduce new high-quality products. Although special machines and techniques are used in the production process, all furniture and accessories are handcrafted by artisans.

The Rest bed model and hanging cabinets were presented alongside other products.

“IDAS Objects” is a furniture line with versatility and sustainability. Stylish and functional furniture with an optimum quality/price ratio.

The developers offered a series of name-brand furniture – dining tables. All the tables have simple geometric shapes, with one leg, and are finished in paint or veneer.

“Pušku pušku is the largest manufacturer of seating in Lithuania. “In the Archiproducts competition, where 650 products were presented, the “Cocoon Waves” seating bag won an international award. On the world’s largest architecture and design information platform, the work of Remigijus Balčiūnas, founder, designer and director of Pušku Pušku, was noticed for its exceptionally cosy design – a quarantined, ultra-soft sitting bag with a plaid.

Pušku Pušku presented the most popular and stylish foam seat cushions Om. High-quality, distinctive designs are designed to give a special feeling of comfort. They are products that create a new experience of relaxation, sitting and stretching, making you melt with pleasure.

The Lonas brand, best known for its extensive experience in the production of bedroom mattresses. Exceptional handcrafted products made to individual orders. The brand offers a wide range of designer beds, high quality duvets, pillows, bed linen and other bedroom accessories.

This year, Lonas presented a range of bedroom textiles: bed linen, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc. Most of the bed linen is 90% Egyptian cotton sateen. The bed linen is available in two new collections: a monochrome collection of ten shades and a modern, digitally printed patterned design.

“March is renowned for its unique collections of reflective products and lettering garments, as well as its innovative interiors. The brand says it does not invent new things, only improves existing ones. The result is unusual and ordinary! The idea behind the product is the greatest value. “March’s products are always distinguished by their minimalist design and practical use. Thanks to their sophisticated look, the original products change the way we look at conventional fashion and set trends in the way we wear safety accessories. The brand creates unique items such as reflective badges, reflective clothing, bags, backpacks, transformable nesting boxes, tablecloths that do not need ironing, and other innovative and unexpected products.

March showcased new reflective backpacks at its stand. It also presented unique tablecloth patterns and new colours for reflective accessories.

“Kopar’s craftsmen have invaluable experience in creating exquisite metal surfaces for furniture and interiors, and the company’s founders draw their creative inspiration primarily from jewellery design.

The company offers brass, copper and aluminium products, which often become refined art objects due to oxidation and unusual shapes and volumes. The craftsmen add magic to each brass and copper artefact, confirming their unrivalled craftsmanship. Kopar produces models in new colours for exhibitions. At this year’s exhibition, a spectacular aged copper altar was on show.

Sedes Regia, an upholstered furniture manufacturer, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. In 1992, the company started under the name “Jurga design”, in 1996 it expanded into the production of furniture for public places, and in 1998 “Sedes Regia” became the official name and trademark of the company.

The company’s specialists can produce a prototype from a simple sketch in a matter of days – the maximum result is achieved with optimum time resources. Experience allows the company to take on a wide range of challenges and focus on design innovation. Sedes Regia’s functional furniture adds style to homes and commercial spaces.

The exhibition featured photographs of the company’s development and history, as well as modern furniture designed by several Lithuanian designers from different eras.

“Virūna” is a company that combines advanced technology with handmade work. The manufacturer of standard furniture for non-standard spaces offers attentiveness to customer needs, the highest quality and professional design.

At the exhibition, Virūna presented a dining table that floats in the air – an elaborate veneered tabletop with polished plexiglass legs.

EMKO is a manufacturer of functional furniture and interior accessories with a contemporary design. The company aims to bring together a global community of designers and customers who create and appreciate functional design and optimistic contemporary aesthetics. All the manufacturer’s products are therefore designed to allow the customer to playfully reposition objects in space.

The exhibition showcased the work of designers Ect. Ect.” – Inesa Malafej and Arūnas Sukarevičius – a dining room furniture set, which was awarded the best product in the furniture and lighting category in the national competition “Good Design” in 2021, and the latest products – chairs, coffee tables.

“Indi is a sustainable design brand founded by lighting, interior and furniture designer Simon Tarvydas. The designer, who uses Repaper recycled paper technology, has become the first representative of circular design in Lithuania. “In the future, Repaper interior elements can be recycled and used as raw material for new design objects. This creates a continuous circle of creation and production that encourages responsible consumption and fosters progressive ideas in contemporary design.

The ornate, environmentally friendly furniture and lighting is light and cosy. They have been awarded the national “Good Design” prize for several years in a row. The design, which creates the illusion of concrete shapes, allows the designer to find his unique audience and fill the client’s home with cosiness.

EASE furniture showrooms sell products that harmoniously combine modern design and functionality. Eco-friendly oil-coated Lithuanian furniture is manufactured in a way that allows the customer to renew it himself. The company’s range includes tables, chairs and cabinet furniture made locally from natural materials using high technology, as well as globally recognised furniture brands from Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. Furniture for comfortable living includes a very stylish chest of drawers with an integrated thermometer and humidity gauge and a flower pot, easily extendable solid oak tables with hidden mechanisms, increasingly comfortable sofa beds, chests of drawers, and Hi-Fi audio speakers. It is a supplier of all major types of furniture and accessories.

At the fair, EASE presented the addition of the Linea collection: cabinets, new chairs with the new boucle fabric.

Rūta Būtėnaitė’s carpet design studio designs and manufactures carpets specifically for interiors. As Rūta herself says: “Carpets are a creation of the spirit of a home, its tradition, a work of art displayed on the ground. Over more than 20 years of carpet designing, we have gained the experience to feel the expectations of each family and to anticipate the visions of architects and interior designers. Carpets are specially designed for each interior, depending on its style, colours and patterns. The most compatible natural fibre and colour scale are selected, the design is created and a quality, long-lasting product is produced.”

Alongside the carpet designs, the author also presented at the Carpet Design Forum reproductions of her versatile drawings, which are suitable for many individual and public interiors. She shared her passion for drawing and shared the opportunity to house her drawings in your home – “each with its own narrative, its own magic and enchanting mystery”.

Centras / magazine featured KnoTie, the new furniture by KiTAIP. It is a great creative instrument for both children and adults. The sides of the table are perforated with holes through which cords can be threaded to create new patterns. It is a great educational and creative tool to help build a more sustainable parent-child bond.

The Lithuanian Design Forum’s joint exhibition was partly funded by the EU Regional Development Fund.

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