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Design Week 2011

In 2011 May 7-14 June in Vilnius traditional Design Week was held.

Perestroika – 25 years!

Perestroika, which began in 1985, has not ended. In 1991 Soviet political system was dismantled. Perhaps this political project from the beginning was just an illusion, but those six years were very eventful. Information vacuum, maintained for decades, was destroyed, and opened up a number of topics.

Famous Russian architects gave a lecture at the Design Week

Architects Levon Airapetov and Valerie Preobrazhenskaya will present their work and give a lecture "Architecture Cartography."

Architect Julien De Smedt came to Design Week

One of the best young generation architect Julien De Smedt (JDS Architects) came to "Design Week".

Pecha-kucha night

Pecha Kucha (jp. ペチャクチャ) is a specific delivery format, through which the contents are quickly and effectively presented to the audience.

Furniture handle competition

43 authors presented over 100 works. After the initial selection of presented works Italian company „Pamar S.p.a.“ received 54 projects from 30 authors for final evaluation...

“Design for All”: the results of workshops

Young design professionals from seven countries jointly develop projects aimed at demonstrating the potential of the water could be used by all groups of society...

EIDD – Design for All Europe

"Design for All": the results of workshops & Meeting with EIDD - Design for All Europe

Conference “Water and Life in the city”

Municipality of Vilnius, the Lithuanian Design Forum, the Lithuanian Union of Architects and the Association "Akva urbana" presents the conference "Water and Life in the city."

French design exhibition: “Observeur Design”

For the first time in Lithuania - contemporary French industrial design exhibition - Observeur Design...

Hungarian design exhibition

At Artists' Union Gallery on German Street 2, Vilnius, opened last year's best Hungarian design exhibition...

Estonian Design Exhibition

Design Gallery (Ševčenkos 16A) opens the best Estonian Design Exhibition...

best of [neformate] competition

First place Bench DOMINO – this is really just a bench legs, which can be mounted…


INDEX: AWARD does not assess the design according to traditional categories - visual communications, apparel and industrial design - because classification like this not fully reveals the interdisciplinary approach, the most interesting contemporary visual design...

Austrian Design – Innovation and Technology

Austrian Design - Innovation and Technology - the highest quality Austrian design exhibition...
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