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September 9th-13th 2017 Lithuanian design exhibition Design Lithuania will be displayed at Now! Le Off in Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design (34 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris) as a part of Paris Design Week.


Open to the public: Saturday, September 9th: 2pm to 7pm.
September 10th to September 13th: 11am to 7pm.

The exhibition cycle Design Lithuania is showcasing the best of Lithuanian design throughout Europe, and even a bit further. It reveals the deep connection between the designers, their works and the Lithuanian landscape, and so it focuses on several specific topics. Nature, cuisine, folk tales and traditional materials – these various features of Lithuania’s natural and mental landscapes are closely linked in the designers’ works, allowing visitors to wander and catch the moist scents of Lithuania’s ancient forests, the surprising tastes of its food, the Baltic Sea spray and the buzz of honeybees.

In order to reveal some of the main features of Lithuanian design, a selection of Lithuanian designers’ works are displayed in the frame of quite an unusual display, where the visitors will have a chance to try some of Lithuanian snacks and drinks – some of the local Rinkuškiai beers, some Džiugas cheese, as well as some traditional cake called Šakotis. It aims at windowing more than simple design pieces in order to let visitors understand better what the Lithuanian pieces stem from.

This is a glimpse of what to expect next year – 2018 is the centennial year of Lithuania’s first period of independence as a democratically run state. For this occasion, Design Lithuania will arrive in Paris with a much wider display.

The project is organized by the Lithuanian Design Forum together with the Cultural Attaché in Paris, and is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

15 examples of what Lithuanian design pieces look like will be showcased this year:

Designer: Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė


The Traditional Lunch linen napkin set is a whimsical collection of textile table décor for your restaurant or home. Even when you’re at a restaurant waiting for the dish of your choice to arrive, you won’t feel like you’re sitting at an empty table. And the realistic images of food will stimulate your imagination and whet your appetite.

GIRIA Decorative Bowls And Plates
Designer: Evelina Kudabaitė

2. GIRIA-min

GIRIA is a homeware collection balanced between tactility, shape and colour. The project aims to pass the sensations of the forest through to the materials, to establish a bond between user and object. The collection is the result of an experimental process where materials that are destined to
become waste – tree bark and leaves – can be transformed into sustainable design using traditional crafts.

WAVES Dish Collection
Designer: Vita Vaitiekūnaitė


This collection has been created using exclusively natural Lithuanian ceramic techniques. A very special effect is made possible by soaking hot ceramics in bread leaven. This makes a dish solid and also colours it with varied textures and shades. These special dishes are not just regular objects –
they stand for values shared by traditional crafts in a modern context. This encourages us to promote consumption responsibility, highlights the advantages of handcrafted objects, and allows artists to place value in contemporary applications.

Designer: MARCH design studio

4. BIRD BNB-min

Hey, bird! Looking for a place to stay? Bird BnB is a fold-out birdhouse for an urban environment. Just pull the ropes and, voila! Bird BnB is designed for smaller birds (sorry, pigeons) and has a spacious wooden roof terrace where you can hang out with your feathered friends. Inside you’ll find
everything you need, like a rope to chill on. Bird BnB has an easy-to-assemble, fold-out design, so stay as long as you want. But remember – no loud twittering after midnight.

Designers: Justė Kubilinskaitė, Simonas Tarvydas / INDI

5. TIKSI-min

TIKSI combines the illusion of weight and the lightness of its materials. We eliminated all unnecessary details in order to reveal the clock’s true essence. Materials: handmade sustainable cellulose, metal.

Designer: Gabrielė Ugnė Petrauskaitė


The main idea of this project is based on the tight relationships that build between children and their grandparents. It aims to communicate this affectionate bond, taking the form of a scarf with narratives – Lithuanian fairy tales that are rich in mystical symbols as well as natural motifs. By means of augmented reality, static illustrations were linked with motion graphics, thus reviving the narratives and expanding their visual perception.

AYE AYE! Candle Holders
Designer: etc.etc studio
Company: EMKO

7. AYE AYE!-min

Aye Aye! is a ‘fleet’ of rugged, round and bold iron cast candle holders inspired by a period of adventure and discovery, when the enthusiasm of the Industrial Revolution revealed the world to travellers and fortune seekers. The set is composed of four sizes – from a small tugboat with one funnel to a hefty steamship with four big ones. All navy-themed colours are available – red, blue, black and grey. Each funnel is designed to fit either a tea-light candle for a cosy harbour light or a taper candle for a pillar of steam.

Designer: etc.etc. studio
Company: EMKO

8. NAIVE-min

This playful chair is stripped to the minimum: a carved solid ash seat and six legs of equal length to screw. Yet it takes pitch-perfect accuracy to design its simple looks. It takes a minute to assemble, and another to flat-pack it back into a small box for transportation or shipping. As an extra feature, the easily interchangeable parts enable the user to play with the chair’s colour palette, from classical solid wood to a mix of joyful tones.

Amber Kaleidoscope
Designer: Žilvinas Stankevičius


Placed inside the natural branch of a hazel tree and filled with tiny pieces of amber, this ecological kaleidoscope is made by hand, without the removal of the bark and without using any paints or impregnative materials. A simple peek into the tubular scope will transport you into a Technicolor and multifaceted dimension, where friends multiply, colours shift and new galaxies appear just out of reach – and all this without leaving, or harming, planet Earth.

Designer: Alma Galinskaitė


Asymmetry is a brand based on the beauty arising from the natural absence of symmetry. The main idea of its founder was to make clothes painted on different parts, in this way creating an underlying asymmetry. In order to strengthen this idea, the artist enhances contrasts: abstract lines and traces of colours are combined with detailed elements from nature.

Designer: Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė / NAMUOS


This mirror features a stylized puddle. The frame made from oak includes a shelf to keep small items. Size: 50cm in diameter.

Designer: Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė / NAMUOS


This hook can be coupled with other hooks from the same series, which are of different sizes (4cm and 7cm in diameter), of different colours (natural oak and black) and different metals (stainless steel, copper and brass). They can be used in various settings, such as in an entrance hall, a bedroom or a kitchen. Materials: high-quality oak wood, stainless steel, black paint. Dimensions: diameter: 7cm or 4cm; depth: 4cm.

Beeswax Candles
Designer: NAMUOS


These candles are made of natural beeswax and other non-toxic materials. Their combustion purifies the household air and are especially worthy in homes suffering from dry and dusty air due to winter heating. What’s more, they smell of honey! Ingredients: 100% beeswax, black eco-paint.

T-SPOON Natural Herbal Tea
Designer: March design studio

14. T-SPOON-min

The genius invention of a 3-in-1 tea: a wooden spoon + yummy herbs + sweetness. All carefully made by hand. Just dip the T-SPOON in hot water and enjoy a spoonful of a natural herbal tea! You can choose from different kinds of natural herbs: peppermint, thyme, caraway or a mix of peppermint & thyme. Features: natural herbs, GMO free, gluten free, vegan friendly, handmade.

Designer: Ecolinum


All manufacturing process is based on long lasting Lithuanian linen producing history. Each piece is unique because it’s handmade. Rugs are made only from certified eco materials, due to this, do not cause allergies even for the most sensitive people. Linen rugs are easy to clean and has a cooling
effect during hot days but keep warmth on cold season.

CLICK HERE FOR PRESS KIT (high res pictures and descriptions).

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