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Evelina Kudabaitė is a product designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with BA in Product design. Her works have been exhibited in China, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania.

The designer is creating her own collections as well as developing products for other brands. Her projects are always based on awareness of function and rationality, combined with poetic and emotional dimensions.

“In my work I like exploring design as a cultural transmission tool. My research usually starts from materials and processes which transform them into artefacts. I am fascinated by the narrative hidden in product and by its power of carrying knowledge, memories and emotions in a more concrete and tactile way. When designing something, I want to tell a story, to create a reaction of wonder and curiosity in the people who are going to interact with the object. I see the object through materiality and the concept of transformation. I mainly focus on searching for different materials, their compositions and processing techniques. Applying them to everyday objects, creating the opportunity to see them from a different perspective” – explains Evelina.

More about Evelina Kudabaitė can be found on

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