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Was born in 1966 in Vilnius. Studied at Vilnius S.Konarskio children’s art school, later graduated from Vilnius State Pedagogical Institute (specialty – physics, technical discipline, work). In 1991 – 1998 – publisher of magazine “Interior”, leader of  „Interjero paslaugų centras“ center; in 1998-2009 – publisher of magazines “Centras”, “Geras skonis”, manager of  interior creative group „Interjero centras“.

Since 2007 – organizer of interior competition „Metų interjeras/Auksinė paletė“, founder of website, publisher of magazine “ pataria”.

2005 – 2014  – head of association “Design forum”, manager of Lithuanian festival “Design Week”.

Since 2009 –  chief. editor of magazine “Centras”.

From 01/01/2014 – director of NGO “Aplink tave”.

Main activities: publishing, interior design, design events.

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