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Established in the year 2012, HELLO!MOON creates textile items like T-shirts, dresses, tote bags and hats with phosphoric or reflective function for creative, active people fascinated by the Moon and the moonlight. The essence of our idea is to create bright items for bright people!

More about HELLO!MOON.

Interview with HELLO!MOON

What is the origin of your brand name? 

We needed an object which could relate to reflection of light.

Where did the inspiration come from?

It was a creative joke. We had an idea and decided that we want not only to talk about it but to do it as well.

Some words about production process and materials. 

We use materials that somehow emit light.

First created design object and its fate.

T-shirt with the phosphor Moon. Produced until now.

Favorite (but not yours!) design object.

There are so many that it is impossible to name one.


We are inspired by people who consistently and persistently pursue their dreams.

The main tool for work.


The most inspiring acoustic backround for your workday.


How does your workday start?

With knowledge. And a glass of water.

The main message you want to convey with your products.

Be visible and shine! We want to popularize clothing or objects with the reflector. This is an interesting topic in our society and the climate zone where it tends to be more cloudy or dark than sunny and bright :)

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