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INDI (Simonas Tarvydas and Justė Kubilinskaitė) – Lithuanian design studio producing lamps and household objects. Aesthetic, full of light and natural production is inspired by Lithuanian design individuality, strong Baltic spirit and Nordic moderation code. INDI implements the idea of home comfort, synergy of light and objects, cozy atmosphere and uniqueness. “We are Northerners, so moderation of forms, natural materials and pure ideas are so common in our works. Most of the elements are handmade. It somehow binds us to our ancestors’ arts and crafts tradition, which now is reborn in modern artworks. We strive to develop objects not only aesthetic, environment-friendly, but which also convey particular message and stimulate imagination. With our production we try to promote uniqueness and originality of Lithuanian design.”.



How it started

Strong need of self-expression encouraged us to start our INDIvidual activities and create without any frames formed by others. The biggest challenge was to discover our own style but unexpected experiment with Papier mache technique has opened up new possibilities – we have created a sustainable, aesthetic, original-looking material.  Our improved technology instantly received attention and inspires us to create, develop, explore. At the moment we are working on the biggest order so far – 44 lamps for one restaurant in Vilnius.

How it’s done 

We work with recycled paper. Origins – Papier mache technique, but it’s developed, modern ingredients and sustainable materials are used. It takes around two weeks to create a new object. At the end paper transforms to light concrete. Material created illusion – one of the most prominent features of our design.

First object made 

The first fully developed recycled pulp piece was illuminator KABO. It has become our brand, it was on display at some exhibitions and has become popular among customers. It was the beginning of the whole series of products.

Favorite piece of furniture 

Illuminator. Because in Lithuania we lack natural light (and in the dark it is difficult to create), the light also affects our mood and creates atmosphere.


There are more than one of them, but we do not give special significance to any.  It’s nice to watch the classics, their perfect, simple ideas.

Main tool


The most inspiring place to create 

Usually ideas are born in the most unexpected places – catches you while driving a car or wakes up at night.

The best sound background for creative process

Music, radio broadcasts, and sometimes just silence and the “jazz” of production process.

INDI workday morning starts with…

As usual – coffee, email check, contact with clients, creating a to-do list. When we are working on huge projects, every minute is planned and important.

The main message /motto, conveyed by INDI products 

Perfection in simplicity.

Regards to Lithuanian Design Forum on their tenth anniversary

We wish you ambition, enthusiasm, success, active and interesting members. And that finances wouldn’t cut your opportunities.


The project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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