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Milena Grigaitienė – founder at REGARDS, professional graphic artist and designer.

REGARDS – exclusive art & design objects with a strong character. Each design object is unique and tells a different story. Rich in complexity of old traditional techniques yet light and easy as one stroke of ink, REGARDS embody a gentle correlation between old crafts and modern design objects.

REGARDS belong to a home where personalities meet. Imagine a place where every little detail tells a story, where quality is a value of life, and the greatest luxury is being true to yourself. This is where REGARDS meet You.

Creative services:

  • Exclusive art gifts / Luxury business & personal gifts.
  • Innovative art solutions for interior / Bespoke art / Prints.
  • Logotypes / Corporate Identity.

More about REGARDS.


What is the origin of your brand name? 

REGARDS – creative greetings, respectful gift, luxury personalism.

Where did the inspiration come from?

In general – from a strong need of aesthetics. Not fitting into traditional frames of graphics, the desire to extend the existence of generated image and use art in other, innovative way inspired me to create my recent collection.

Some words about production process and materials.

The process is quite long – it begins with the ancient craft of graphics (engraving, prints, exhibitions) and ends with the adaptation of these traditions to the contemporary design. Each painting finds its object. Luxury, natural materials like high-quality silk, porcelain or linen are chosen. So at the end these are objects with a really long creative history.

First created design object and its fate.

My first design object is REGARDS collection and its fate is still in progress.

Favourite (but not yours!) design object.

There are many, it is difficult to name only one. I appreciate objects that have simple shapes, but surprise with unique and innovative solution.


Wise, human, evolving personalities.

The main tool for work.

Thoughts, eyes, hands / Pencil, computer, telephone.

The most inspiring acoustic background for your workday.

Sometimes – radio stream, sometimes – carefully selected background music, inspiring speech or just silence.

How does your workday start?

Breakfast, sports, meetings – according to the schedule. But sometimes it can depend on my mood.

The main message you want to convey with your products.

More art in our environment, routine and in different, unexpected forms.

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