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Ruta Butėnaitė – associate professor of Textile Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 1994 involved in textile, art and design exhibitions, fairs, symposiums both in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2000 her main creative direction is handmade floor carpet design for individual and public interiors. Her carpets are spread to private interiors in the USA, Austria, England, Latvia and Lithuania. Recently Rūta is also writing articles for local press on textile history and design subjects.




Where did the inspiration to create come from? 

Cultural atmosphere in the family, various exhibitions visited, being close to writers and artists – a natural urge that led me to Vilnius Academy of Arts. And in 2000 I took part in carpet design symposium in Lentvaris where I received an award for my works and also got a job offer as a designer. These events drew some clear guidelines for further creative direction. Inspiration? Each time a different family which orders my carpet is one of the strongest sources of inspiration as well as spreading tradition of having unique and handmade carpets instead of mass-produced ones.  Without a doubt my creative students also inspire me as well as great design works of other artists.

What kind of materials are used for your products? 

For thousands of years the main and the most suitable fiber for carpets have always been wool. At present, viscose fiber is also used to add some gloss.

First design object made and its destiny

My first design objects were carpets for one famous carpets company in Lentvaris, Lithuania. These carpets were bought by Lithuanian people and I hope that they feel the positive vibe I added to my works.

Favourite piece of furniture 

I can’t imagine home without a carpet. This is a strong emotional area where the whole family stays together. It can be said that the carpet is replacing the usual symbol of fireplace.


Creative artists, wise people.

Main tool for work 

I am projecting my handmade carpets only by drawing with a brush on a good paper on a large glass desk. Computer – it is just a tool to assist with technical subjects that can never replace authentic drawing by hand.

The most inspiring place for work 

Creative process is on forever, doesn’t matter the place. I am constantly thinking about my projects and I can see the answer while getting asleep, prepareing dinner or just walking somewhere. Not the place is important but the people you love.

Best soundtrack for production process

For now – silence.

How does your workday morning start?  

At the moment with waking up early in the morning, having breakfast and enjoying the perfct view through my window.

The main message that you want to convey by your products 

“Where is your carpet – there is your home” – says Persian proverb. When creating, I believe that my carpets also develop that home spirit and spread aesthetics, comfort and peace.

Greetings to Lithuanian Design Forum on their 10th anniversary

Wishing you beautiful, meaningful projects, while spreading great Lithuanian design culture.

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