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Textile designer and founder of the studio “Silvijart”, artist.

The designer creates and weaves home textiles, interior products and accessories by hand. Minimalism and naturalness are very close to it. Looking for inspiration in Lithuanian nature, rural environment. It is also very interesting and close to paganism, it can be seen in the manifestations of her work as well. Weaving is a continuation of traditions and the search for new ideas for modern life. The weaving process itself is like meditation to me.

The textile designer weaves only from natural fibre yarns. Most of its products are made of linen. Ecology is important, so look for solutions such as cutting thin strips from old, non-wearing leather jackets and weaving fabric.

Actively participates in design and art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, art residencies abroad.

Member of the Design Forum since 2016.

Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union since 2016.

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