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Indra Marcinkevičienė – a unique personality. Creating bright, colorful, unconventional and decorative interiors, shifting from contrasting colors and fabrics decisions and sleek geometric parallelism, the designer has formed a distinct and unique style which is recognized and says a lot about the creator. Working in the field of interior decoration, Indra Marcinkevičienė is very close to a variety of works of art (both visual as well as applied), so it is not surprising that the artist has taken the art of furniture design as well.



Where the inspiration to start your design work was found? 

Creative person is always creating something. I started with my home interior whitch was noticed and awarded by special diploma “Namas ir aš” (Home and me) in amateur designers category.

What are the main features of your work? 

The furniture I design is distinguished by its’ form, decorativity and abundance of colors. I also like using different textures. Philosophy is very important as well – that’s why every piece of furniture has its’ own story, which makes it a real design object.

First object made 

„Happy Coffee Table“ (2007) which left to London.

Favorite piece of furniture

„Happy Boomerang“ (2015).  This design work was presented in „Collect 2015“ craft fair in London, in “Saatchi” gallery and received a lot of attention from visitors.


Artist Vilmantas Marcinkevičius (my husband).

Main tool for work


The most inspiring place to create

Travels and especially – Tokyo city. And also mushroom picking.

The best sound background for creative process

From the trees rustling, Gregorian chant, the cello to local singer Mikutavičius.

How does your workday morning start? 

With a cup of coffee.

The main message /motto, conveyed by your products 

It makes people smile.

Regards to Lithuanian Design Forum on their tenth anniversary

Be creative, innovative and courageous, do not be afraid to experiment, do not be afraid to fall and fall again, and do not be afraid to rise. And watch out for the environment, because everything is close to us. And think positively!


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