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Marija Puipaitė – is a Lithuanian designer with a bachelor’s degree in product design from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, a master’s degree from the Department of Contextual Design at the Eindhoven Academy of Design, an academic internship at Industrial Design Scionic in Austria and currently a doctoral student in VDA design. Marija works as a multi-brand product designer, participates in design exhibitions with personal design collections, and collaborates with fellow designer Vytautas Gečas.

Marija Puipaitė uses the human body as a starting point for her designs. Whether it is furniture or jewelry, it always possesses an intimate, organic connection with its user. Marija sees the design process more like a ritual where all given factors and coincidences can show the way to the result.

Developer activity evaluated:

  • Since 2014 Marija was assessed as a national artist
  • 2017 collection „Embracing touch“ was evaluated in the national Good Design competition and also purchased by the Lithuanian Museum of Applied Art and Design
  • Since 2008 participated in more than 20 solo and group exhibitions.

The designer’s goal is to rethink existing concepts and redesign them anew by deconstructing them. Mary’s works have been exhibited in exhibitions in Brussels, Linz, Paris, London, Milan and other cities, and published in the pages of magazines such as The Guardian, Architecture l’digest and Elle décor.

Instagram: @marijapuipaite |

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